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Collaborative Task Management Tool for Teams

Efficiently navigate impromptu tasks seamlessly within your workflows through a meticulously structured approach. Our intuitive interface empowers users to swiftly create, assign and seamlessly track ad-hoc tasks, providing teams with the flexibility to adeptly manage unforeseen challenges while unwaveringly focusing on their core operations. Discover a streamlined solution that not only enhances task management but also ensures your team’s ability to adapt and excel in the face of evolving demands. Embrace the power of our platform to transform the way you handle dynamic work scenarios and keep your team on the path to success.

Ad-hoc Task

  • Ease to manage and follow up on task assign.
  • Able to tag multiple users and authoriser for task review.
  • Evaluate and provide feedback for task assign.
  • Automation functions available:
    – Task Reminders
    – Due Date Alert
    – Task Start/ End Features
    – Request for Extend Date
  • Dashboard for ongoing tasks.

Calendar View

  • A visual representation of tasks, events, deadlines or milestones.
  • Shared calendar view and personal schedule.
  • Different views (daily, weekly or monthly), colour code events and categorise tasks.


  • Disseminate information related to past, current or future events.
  • Ease to plan and coordinate meetings among participants.


  • Create a documented record of the transfer while assigning handover items between the handing-off and receiving components.


  • Serve as reminder for upcoming tasks, project milestones and meetings.
  • Real-time progress updates to track the status of ongoing work.


  • Publish important announcements, messages or guidelines to all users or specific groups.

My Sticky Note

  • Cloud-based notetaking.
  • Notes are stored in the cloud, accessible from any device with internet access.


  • Centralised database to store and organise contact information.
  • Synchronisation and consistency of contact information across multiple channels.
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