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Collaborative Task Management Tool for Teams

Empower your team with a platform that enables seamless organisation, planning and execution of projects. Our solution facilitates collaborative task assignment, allowing teams to efficiently set timelines and track progress together. By optimising communication, task management and resource allocation, we ensure project alignment and foster collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.
Experience a comprehensive tool that streamlines every aspect of project management. From assigning tasks collaboratively to setting realistic timelines and tracking progress in real-time, our platform ensures that your team stays on the same page at every project phase. With enhanced communication channels and efficient resource allocation, we promote a culture of collaboration, maximising productivity and success from project initiation to completion.

Project Task Module

  • Clear, real-time view of the project tasks, their status and the assignees.
  • Able to track task progress to measure the completion status.
  • Multiple subtasks to be assign under a project task.
  • Able to quick assign different users for task completion and multiple reviewers.
  • Automation functions available:
    – Tasks Reminders
    – Review Task Reminders
    – Due Date Alert
    – Task Start/ End Features
    – Request Extend Job Date &Due Date
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