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Collaborative Task Management Tool for Teams

Revolutionise your approach to employee attendance management with our streamlined system, offering seamless tracking, real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis. Our platform boasts efficient interfaces designed specifically for leave management, providing a user-friendly experience for both employees and administrators. Experience precise timesheet oversight with live updates, ensuring accurate records and enhancing accountability.

Optimise workforce productivity and organisational efficiency by centralising attendance functions, providing enhanced convenience and a comprehensive overview of your team’s attendance dynamics. From tracking working hours to managing leave requests, our system simplifies the entire process, freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives. Elevate your workforce management to new heights with our robust solution, fostering a culture of punctuality, accountability and operational excellence.

Staff Attendance

  • Replace manual punch card system.
  • Personalised log in details.
  • Live reporting on staff attendance.

Time Sheet

  • Able to track staff’s activities.
  • Analyse yourself and staff’s KPI (Key Performance Indicator).
  • System available to generate report.


  • Digital approve leave application.
  • Data kept on server.
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