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Version1.1.2 : What’s New?

1. Login System Enhancement 

a. Login Interface Design

  • Updates: Introduce a streamlined and intuitive system login interface accompanied by an announcement bar for a smoother user experience, optimized performance for quicker login times.

b. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Setup

  • Location: Search Engine > Search “Efffix” > Results Pages”
  • Updates: We’ve implemented SEO setup to enhance visibility, user engagement and online presence. Users can now directly access the system with a single search query.

c. Company Login ID

  • Updates: After entering the company ID and selecting “Remember Co. ID”, upon login, only the company name will be displayed, ensuring the privacy of the company ID from unauthorized access.

Note: Company ID and company name settings can be configured in “Setting > Administration Panel > Account”.

2. Contact

a. Check Duplicate Contact

  • Location: In “My Dashboard > Navigation Menu > Contact > Add New Contact”
  • Permission Required: Users with the privilege to access “Contact – General Setting” in “User Setting” can perform this operation.
  • Updates: Upon adding a new contact, the system provides the “Check Existing Duplicate Contact Name” function to alert and prevent the addition of duplicate contacts.

b. Contact Name with Suffix

  • Updates: When creating a contact, the suffix column serves as a remark appended to the contact’s name. This feature allows for similar contact names with different remarks. 

Note: The suffix name will be displayed in all listings once added.

3. Leave List 

a. Pending Approval – Filter

  • Location: In “My Dashboard > Leave > Pending Approval”
  • Updates: Upon filtering the status to “Pending” after clicking on the leave list, the “Year” filter will reset to blank. Consequently, all leaves pending approval from any year will be displayed in the list.

b. Leave Order

  • Updates: Leaves scheduled for today, both single-day and multiple-day leaves, will be ordered sequentially and highlighted in pink.
4. Project – Subtask List Order
  • Location: In “My Dashboard > Project > Add New”
  • Permission Required: Users with the privilege to “Create New Project” in “User Setting” can perform this operation.
  • Updates: In projects with concurrent subtasks, the subtask order will follow the flow number, due date and subtask name sequence.

Our latest update, version 1.1.2, introduces several exciting features focused on enhancing system management efficiency, security and user experience. From streamlined password management to customizable user roles and improved visual indicators for tasks, these updates aim to make the system more intuitive and secure. We appreciate your trust and look forward to providing you with an improved user experience in this latest release.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’re here to listen!

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